I have a knack of seeing, hearing and feeling spirits of people who have passed. Messages come through via visual, audio, feel/sense.

I’m offering personal readings in person or via Zoom (yes it works as I’ve checked lol) for those who are interested, for entertainment purposes.

I’m also offering creation of an artwork specifically about the reading showing a significant part of the reading for an extra fee which is optional and can be either sketched or more elaborate!

I have offered channeling art before however this seems more specific.

To give an example, I've read for a beautiful lady and what was significant about the reading was a baby being protected by a bubble under a rainbow. I would paint that or sketch that for them as it’s significant and is a beautiful reminder of the reading.

An example where they might not want art with their reading, is one I've done where a contract was shaken to me over and over so clearly in a dark and dense office, to be found. Yes I could create an artwork however don’t know if it’s something that they would want! (You never know!)

For me, this gift of connecting to spirit and incorporating art for entertainment, which might give people comfort or maybe an answer to a question/s.

Readings introductory offer 30mins @ $40
Optional artwork extra $60 for painted and $30 for sketch.

In person readings are available in Campbelltown and on Zoom anywhere you like. If you would like to book please email ; you can also contact me through FB page and Insta @theartymedium 🖼✌️



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