Mentoring is about encouragement, building skills, growing and development. Art mentoring is helping people with their art and art journeys. I find it's a way for me to assist budding artists with techniques and connections to opportunities involving art.

A lot of artists tend to not believe in their own art. They have been knocked down, critiqued and given up on making more art as its 'too hard' or 'what's the point?'. In this social online society of art, there are some amazing (and I mean mind blowing amazing) art that is so readily available online all of the time. It's in your face, inspiring yes, but for some it can be discouraging due to comparison. They see this amazing art and truly doubt their own strengths and growth, thinking that they aren't good enough and will never be.

I have developed a network of art connections (and still building!) in order to assist opportunities for people to flourish in their art. I have run a gallery to assist people getting their art out there and organised a number of exhibitions for a wide range of artists.

I have developed my art techniques and still learning! It's something I know I will be learning always! Experimenting with art is fun and helping others in their experimentation of art is even more fun!


Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve someones mental, physical and emotional health. You don't have to be an arty person to participate in art therapy, that's the beauty of it! Art therapy is for everyone, is inclusive and doesn't discriminate.

I work children and adults from all walks of life, including those with a disability, to assist them in their life journey. Having special needs children myself I understand the frustrations and complexities of connections and processing.

I have an Diploma in Art Therapy with Health & Harmony College, Australia and am a member with IICT.

I have run series of workshops for mental health carers in the Illawarra and Macarthur areas and have facilitated workplace team building activities.

I work with clients 1:1 or in groups, and also work with clients on creative projects.

I use a combination of both modalities for my sessions. To book please use the contact form or jump over to my Facebook or Instagram pages for more information.


Individual and Group Sessions available!