(On both sides)

I have over 25 years in corporate administration working in a number of industries:

- Public Service

- Real Estate

- Building

- Disability

- Specialist Medical Services

- Manufacturing

- Food Handling & Distribution

- Recruitment

- Finance Services

- Retail

- Facilities Management

- Maritime

- Emergency Services

- Entrepreneur

- Mental Health

- Technology

- Professionals

I have a vast range of skills.

I strive on improving policy and processes in administration in order to work more efficiently to support organisations. I observe to develop initiatives and ideas. I've created and delivered presentations to a wide range of people.

I've developed and managed projects. I've implemented changes including support.

I've lead and developed teams.


I've used a number of technological supports in order to achieve my goals.

I have skills in a variety of areas and gather my knowledge from a number of sources.

I'm always learning and will continue to do so.

I'm not a one size fits all and I enjoy using my wide range of skills to assist organisations.

Art, design… it’s all about connection to the spirit and soul


With my eclectic style, I enjoy creating different designs

I feel and I create, I am always learning

I am at home when I am at one with the earth


I am inspired by colour, symbols and pattern

I am inspired by nature, the sky, moon and stars!

I love other art, and am inspired all the time by different artists and techniques


I want to encourage and guide creativity from within and share that with all 

Everyone can express themselves and heal through art…

even if they don't feel creative!

The soul is magic and deserves healing and growth


Sometimes the creativity just appears, or sometimes it’s inspired…

and then it grows…we are emotional beings!


I love to use lots of colours but also love black and white

I can be simple, or I can be complex

I love patterns and geometrics, I love contrast and depth

I blend, mark, doodle and drip…I love randomness but also can crave order


Sometimes my artworks take hours and sometimes they take years

I’m always experimenting so my love list always grows!


I use a lot of my artworks to create textile designs in many patterns and colours

I love geometric patterns and designs


Release all the stuffy ‘arty’ things you know...

Expand your mind and get lost in art!

Viva Art!

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